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Welcome to Revelation Wellness.  We are a chiropractic wellness clinic that specializes in helping people get healthy and stay healthy throughout their lifetime.  Our approach is very unique, evidence-based and on the cutting edge of modern science.  Our practices and programs allow our patients to understand and achieve optimal health and wellness, a God given potential, with a Christ-centered perspective.

We believe that the body is an amazing gift from God and our temple for the Holy Spirit.  With all of the chemicals in the world today and the stressful lifestyles that most Americans have, our health is deteriorating faster and faster.  We need to take control of what is happening to our bodies.  When you visit Revelation Wellness you are going to get educated on every aspect of health through workshops, fitness activities, cooking classes and much more. We want all of our patients to experience what their true health potential is. Together we can find the areas that need immediate attention and start a plan to help you experience balance in your body so you can ultimately experience the true health your body was designed for.

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A Christian Business
A Member of O'Neill Chamber of Commerce
A Member of Holt County Young Professionals
A Licensed SHINE clinic
Actively changing the health culture of North Central Nebraska

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